Sometimes, after the kids go to bed at night, I don’t want to sit in front of my computer editing photos, or pick up all of the house debris, or clean the kitchen for the 5th time, or deal with endless laundry, or sort through the recycles, or dust/vacuum all of the house surfaces, or prep for whatever is going on the next day or any of the other million and 4 things that need to be dealt with but can only really be dealt with once the kids are gone to bed. Sometimes I just want to go to bed too, and fall asleep trying to watching something on Netflix, or struggle to get halfway through 1 page of a good book. So last week, every evening after the kids went bed, I also chose to go to bed. We were all struggling with jet lag and the kids 4.30am – 5.00am wake up window was making any kind of daily productivity hard to achieve. So the most productive thing to do in my opinion, was sleep. This week we are all feeling much better. Sleep patterns are normalizing (boys now wake a 6am instead of 4.30am) and our energy levels are on the up. As a result, here I am, still up and its past 10pm, ready to finally get started on sharing some photos from our trip home to Ireland.

The town I grew up in (shout out to all my Newbridge peeps) now has a skateboard park and my boys loved it.

Granny got Keane this neat little knee board thing and he spent hours on it at the skateboard park the first few days of our visit.

Cullen got a scooter but here he wanted to take his cousin Emily’s for a test ride.

My niece, Emily.

Oldest nephew, Evan.

Wondering whats going on in the huddle? Its a candy break.

Mouths full of sweet treats.

Keane making friends with the locals.

And letting them take a turn on his knee board.

Cullen got his hands on a shark flag.

And used it to give encouragement to all of the boarders.

Lots of turns on each others scooters.

Hours later and these kids are finally starting to tire.

But the next morning we were back for more.

My youngest nephew Nathan (right, in blue) joined the fun.

Keane still loving his knee board.

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