Back To School 2019

August 1, 2019

Yesterday, this happened yesterday. And if my brain wasn’t a foggy jet-lagged mess. It would have been shared the day it happened. 4.30am. That was the time the boys woke up waiting for the sun to rise, the rest of the world to wake up and the school to open for their first day of 2nd Grade & Kindergarten. Next time, we’ll plan our trip back from Ireland not so close to the return day to school.

Keane, my 2nd Grader (that would be the equivalent to Irelands 1st class) and Cullen is in Kindergarten (Junior Infants in Irish terms).

As you can see, they are not unhappy to be heading back to school.

How fast is this growing up thing happening??

Too fast.

Yep, this happens all the time these days. Lots of messing and rough housing.

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