Will Power Of A Gnat

April 22, 2011

I gave myself a mental pep-talk going in. “Stick to the plan. Go straight to cleaning products. Don’t look left or right. Tunnel vision all the way. Get what you need and get out, fast”. But I blew it in the first 60 second. Target just has that power over me and from what I hear, pretty much everyone else too. I went in for a couple of items, some essentials for cleaning the house, but 1 bikini, 1 shirt, 3 cami’s, 2 necklaces (they were on sale) and a bunch of new hair accessories (also on sale) later, I left with a cart full of items that became essentials once I clapped eye on them. Yes, I’m weak. The will power of a gnat, but a gnat who is rocking some fancy new hair pieces. Control your envy people, this is after all a religious weekend.

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