3 Little Ninja Beasts

April 29, 2019

1 mile. 10 obstacles. Thats what 3 little beasts took on this past weekend. Keane, Cullen and their good friend Bryson ran their first “Ninja Obstacle Course”. To say I was proud of each of them would be an understatement. All 3 of them took this course on with such determination and grit. At no point, even when things got hard and they were starting to get tired, did any of them complain or want to quit. They were in beast mode from start to finish. It was amazing watching the competitive side of their personalities emerge. I have a feeling there may be more of these Ninja Challenges in our future.

Competitor wrist bands have been picked up and these boys are excited to run the “Ninja Challenge”.

Passing the time before the race.

A little pre-race monkey bar warm up.

Of course there’s always time for the group shots.

3 little ninja beasts.

And all the fun of trying to capture a family photo.

Ninja’s to the start line.

Keane in the centre wearing orange. Bryson is on the right wearing white.

Cullen in the blue with the grey hat.

They’re off.

Bryson racing towards the first obstacle.

And he’s over the wall.

Right behind him, Keane is clear of the wall.

Cullen and Daddy approaching the first obstacle.

With a little boast from Daddy, Cullen is clear.

Keane powers on.

Bryson still going strong.

Under the spider web.

Cullen inches his way up the tall wall.

Made it!

Keane racing towards the spider web.

Here comes Cullen.

This part of the race the kids had to pick up these wooden logs and carry them a 150m around the car park.

Amazing work by Bryson.

Go Keane Go!!

On to the balance beam.

There were so many of these upper body monkey bar things throughout the course. My arms ached just watching them.

Cullen had his own special technique for handling the monkey bars. He brought Daddy support.

The final obstacle. Ninja wall.

And Keane is up.

Down the other side.

And across the finish line. Wahoooo!!

A victory high-5 from Bryson’s mom.

Here comes Cullen over the Ninja wall.

Down the other side,

And a little fist pump to finish.

Getting his winners bag.

Keane wearing his medal proudly.

3 amazing competitors. Well done boys!

After all that, they still found the energy to hang around and play afterwards.

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