The Final Hunt

April 24, 2019

The last of the posts on Easter, promise. This was Easter Sunday morning and the Easter Bunny showed up. Dropping small eggs full of tiny surprises all over the garden. Straight after breakfast and the boys were out, buckets in hand again, ready to hunt and gather whatever eggs they could find.

The divide and conquer approach. Cullen went one way, Keane a different way.

This bunny dropped eggs all over the place.

He or she bunny, even left a giant egg with a bigger surprise for each of the boys.

Still more eggs to be found.

The harder to reach eggs, a job for the big brother.

We believe we have found them all.

Time to open each and every one.

Cullen got an egg bomb. An explosive device, with tiny eggs inside.

Keane gets the bomb ready.

Its on the ground and we are all keeping a safe distance.

Boom! The moment it explodes. A video would have captured it better.

Wow! Bonus Easter gift. A shark for Cullen and a dragon for Keane.

Back to the business of opening more eggs.

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