Happy Easter!

April 22, 2019

Chocolate consumed in abundance. Lots of egg related activities with friends. This Easter weekend has me beat. Not the kids though. All of the chocolate guaranteed them a constant supply of fuel, so they never seemed to run out of energy. Never! As a result I’m going to let the photos do most of the talking in this post. Cos early to bed is where its at for me this evening.

As the weekend approached, the boys got together with our good friend Bryson, for an egg dying project.

Egg dying is a big part of Easter here in the US. I don’t really know why and no one seemed to be able to explain it. It just something they’ve always done. So we did it. We hard boiled 3 dozen eggs and then got to dying.

Bryosn’s feelings about his egg turning pink, instead of red.

Keane’s new favorite color is green.

Cullen’s favorite color is still blue.

A rainbow collection of fabulously dyed eggs.

After school on Friday, we had an egg hunt for the boys and some of their school besties. We also welcomed some tiny new members to the friends crew.

And they’re off!! Cullen was not hanging about.

Hot on his heels, the rest of the hunting pack.

Little Hudson doing his best to keep up.

Bringing up the rear, the 1 year old twins.

This little fella wandered off the beaten track and had to be redirected.

The big kids are hunting machines.

And the youngest of all the hunters was more interested in getting a little shut eye.

Comparing quantities. Everyone always wants more than everyone else.

Henry is chuffed with his gathering.

A curious little peak into a fellow hunters basket.

Keane is double fisting baskets. Not really. He’s been ordered to keep an eye on Cullen’s, so he (Cullen) can pee.

Now the counting and opening of each egg begins.

Post counting and a sugar rush in full effect, its time to play.

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