For Shame

April 7, 2019

They say never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Today I discovered why “they” say this. Post 6 mile run this evening, I was ravenous. We’re talking emergency levels of hunger. With no snacks in the car an emergency stop at the grocery store was of the utmost. My plan once at the store was to head for the healthy. Good for me snacks, fruit and chilled bottle of water. Nowhere in the plan did I imagine my slight detour through the baked goods section. “Sure I’ll just have a look” I told myself. “I won’t buy anything“. A lie. Even as I was thinking it, I knew I was lying. Then, just like that, a box of 6 chocolate donuts is sitting in my basket. By the time I got home, it was a box of 3 chocolate donuts. Yes, I ate 3 chocolate donuts in the 12 minute drive from the grocery store, back to my house. I DON’T EVEN LIKE DONUTS. But for some reason today, my post run hungry would not be satisfied with anything other than a donut. 3 donuts to be exact. FFS! I didn’t feel good after it, in case you’re wondering. Well, maybe I felt pretty good after the 1st one, but definitely not after the 3rd thats for sure. Apparently I’m just one of those people who was born with a faulty “off switch”. I don’t always seem to know when its best and wise for me to stop. Anyway, there it is. Putting it out there. My big shame for the day.

On a less shameful note, Spring lacrosse is in full swing. And here we are on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, arriving for Keane’s practice.

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