March 31, 2019

Anyone else’s kids into the “How to Train Your Dragon” books and movies?? Well my 2 are. They’ve become obsessed with all things dragon and all things flying. These days theres a lot of jumping off the furniture. Jumping from bed to bed and jumping from dangerously constructed makeshift platforms. They’ve become a real liability and I’ve become an expert in distinguishing between an injury free landing thud! And a pain sustained landing thud! Just another skill I believe will really enhance my CV/resume. But this past weekend, along with their friend Bryson, Keane and Cullen got to fly. Like, for real fly.

Time to suit up.

Bryson getting suit secured.

3 little Buzz Lightyear lookalikes.

Safety is no accident. Helmets and goggles are a must.

Cullen is beaming in all the photos, he can’t wait to get flying.

Watching one of the other flyers.

A conversation between Bryson and Keane about how high they’ll go.

Impatiently waiting.

Here we go, Cullen is first to fly.


Next to fly, Keane.


Certificates of completion. Cullen would rather go get lunch then stand for 1 more photo.

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