March 26, 2019

So last weekend I did a thing I’ve been doing for the past 3 years, and thats run a 10.2 mile trail run through the Tennessee River Gorge. And that right there is the reason its taken me a few days to talk about it on this here blog. Cos the River Gorge leveled me. I remember a time when running didn’t feel quite this hard. When I could go out and do a run today, tomorrow and the day after that and not feel I’d been hit by the proverbial bus. When I could come back from a run, cook dinner AND play with the kids. Now its either or, but preferably neither. Cos all I really want is to assume corpse pose on the couch and be left alone to wallow in my post run pain and reminisce on a time when this sh#it didn’t hurt so much. When a 10.2 mile Gorge run didn’t leave me feeling hungover AF, minus the party, all of the alcohol consumption and the massive thigh bruise after having fallen off yet another bar top, just kidding (sort of). Honestly, if this is what aging is all about, you can have it. I’m out! Peace!

Follow the red arrow to see me in possible pre-race prayer pose.

Also a red arrow to my running partner in crime, smiling Mike.

I tried to soften my misery face for the camera. “Less pain, more smile Shinks”.

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