Fake Snow

March 21, 2019

On the final weekend of Snow Mountain, before it closed til next Winter, we managed to squeeze in a much anticipated trip. The boys look forward to this each year. A trip to Stone Mountain Park to tube and play in the fake snow. We live in a place that doesn’t get much, if any snow in Winter. So we have to look for snow adventures of an artificial kind. And just for the record, I’d like to say that fake snow hurts. Its basically shaved ice and it gets pumped out every 5 mins or so. To get hit by it, is to feel like you’re getting peppered by tiny rocks or broken glass. It hurts. The key is to run for cover or turn your back to the pumps the second you see the first sign of the fake flakes. The pain of the snow is still not enough to stop us from enjoying a few hours of wintery fun. But the hope is next year we get to an actual snow mountain, with no fake snow but rather the real deal fluffy kind. That will give us an opportunity to try out lots more snow related activities, like maybe, snowboarding!

The smarter voice inside my head advised me to leave my profesh camera at home. Snow (even if it is fake, its still wet), tubing and expensive camera equipment, don’t really go well together. So used the trusty iPhone to do all the shooting on this adventure.

Keane & Cullen and their friend Ashton, dressed for Winter and ready to play.

Tubing time!

All the fun of the fake snow.

Doing our best to build an igloo and snowman.

Group tubing!!

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