Break To Participate

March 12, 2019

Role switch the past few days. The Husband played Mammy to the kids, while I was out bringing home the bacon. So just getting around to posting the last of the pics from our little Jamaican adventure. And I just realized that I actually have not had my camera in my hand for the past 2 weeks. This for me, is unheard of. My camera is typically a 3rd appendage, capturing the various things the boys get up to from one week to the next. But sometimes you just need a break from capturing moments, so you can actively participate in the moments. All about the balance. Balance, overrated, unobtainable yet the very thing all us mothers go nuts trying to achieve.

Last morning on the island and time for a round of golf.

A very unique putting technique by Cullen.

Last beach day.

Keane trying to feed the fish, but these bad ass seagulls showed up.

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