Day At Dolphin Cove

March 4, 2019

As promised, here we go with tons of photos from our day at Dolphin Cove in beautiful Jamaica.

Not long after we arrived and the boys have spotted something very cool.

A shark! Cullen was beyond excited.

Keane in deep thought.

Ah yes, swimming with stingrays.

No way Keane was missing an opportunity to swim with the stingrays.

Snorkel gear on.

Ready to go.

Stingray hunters.

Caught a curious little dolphin in the background having a peek at what was going on.

The moment Cullen changed his mind about taking on the waterslide. “No thank you Dada”.

Someone who would never say “no” to a waterslide, Keane.

A dip in the beachside pool before we go swim with the dolphins.

Here we are, ready to swim with some dolphins.

Walking in an orderly fashion.

There they are. The dolphins!

I was limited in where I could stand to take photos. The people in charge want to make sure you purchase the photos they capture, so my shots are from a bit of a distance. But here, the moment the boys got to meet their dolphin, Coco.

The Husband and the boys, getting in position to swim with Coco.

Keane and Coco, about to go for a ride.

Off they go!

Love how excited The Husband and Cullen are in the back.

Next Coco takes Dada and Cullen for a ride.

Coco gets some fishy treats for being amazing.

This moment, when Cullen found the courage to take a solo ride with Coco.

He was so happy.

Love this shot. Looks like Cullen is being chased by a shark.

Keane gets another solo ride.

Special pics with Coco.

Look at the face on Cullen : ). Side-eye riddled.

Less fear, more joy.

Now its all good.

A final wave to Coco.

Sad that its all over.

After drying off, we stopped by the Dolphin Cove petting zoo.

As it turns out, if you have a hand filled with seeds, you’ll find yourself very popular with the birds.

Curious Cullen.

He wanted to feed the birds himself.

Until they landed on his arm.

Then he suddenly changed his mind

The bird whisperer.

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