The Big Dig

February 7, 2019

Nothing brings more joy to a man (at least the man I’m married to), then using miniature construction equipment for a digging project. And nothing brings more joy to his kids, then watching Daddy dig deep holes and also create big piles of dirt. The kids and I actually had other plans last Saturday, but those were suddenly no longer of interest when Daddy showed up with this little beastie digger. The boys were into it and not by choice, I became into it. But my equipment was of a more basic/primitive nature. I was given a shovel and instructed to dig until I found the gas pipe. But under no circumstances was I to burst said gas pipe. That would be bad. I was just to dig until I located it, then mark it so he could avoid it with his more modern, less labor intensive digger. With every shovel full of dug up soil, the frustration and shoulder ache put a major spotlight on the sheer unfairness of the division of labor. Mine was all manual, his lots of comfort with minimum physical effort. I don’t really consider pushing a few joy sticks around a lot of physical effort. But the frustration fueled my effort and by God did I find that gas pipe. Once found I tossed the shovel aside, pounded my chest in King Kong style victory and told The Husband to find himself another gobshite wife for any of his future digging needs. But the kids had fun and it wasn’t exactly a bad day to be outside.

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