The Snow, Was A No-Show

January 31, 2019

The weather this week has been all over the place. Tuesday the boys were given a “Snow Day” cos all weekend long and into Monday the weather reports were preparing us for the mother of all snow falls. I did a massive food shop Monday evening just in case we were house bound for several days, nobody would starve. The boys were beyond giddy when I picked them up from school Monday afternoon. The teachers had informed them that snow was on the way and before bedtime that night, they had the snow clothes, the snow boots, the hats and gloves ready to go. But guess what? The fecking snow, was a no-show. Not a flake in sight. All day we watched and waited. Busying ourselves with board games, play dough making and constructing caves out of blankets. We refreshed the weather app several times, willing the mother of all snow falls to show herself, but eventually we had to concede. Snow was not coming. Not this day or any day for the rest of the week. So we headed off to the gym to run wild on all the gym equipment.

But look at this, a couple of weekends ago there we were, enjoying a warmish sunny day at the lake. Taking our Rocket Fishing Rods that Grandma got the boys for Christmas for a test drive.

These rods are like fishing weapons. You load the hook and fishing line, then you shoot.

Trying to improve their fish catching chances by setting up on the dock.

Patiently waiting.

Cullen is momentarily distracted, checking out his leg tan.

Nothing happening on the dock, so we decide to take the boat out.

Dexter basking in the warm sun and water breeze.

We didn’t end up catching any fish, but we had a lot of fun trying.

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