Up The Walls & Up All Night

January 27, 2019

What I don’t recommend you do on a Saturday night when your kids are gone to bed and your husband is out of town, is watch “The Ted Bundy Tapes” on Netflix. I, like the next person, love a good serial killer documentary, but this Ted Bundy guy is a whole other level of serial killer and a whole other level of creepy AF. 3 episodes in, it was after midnight, I was officially terrified and my mind was racing. I was convinced my house was surrounded by stalkers, just waiting for me to fall asleep. Well guess what stalkers? You have a long wait cos I’m scared enough that I absolutely will NOT be sleeping, not tonight. I’ll be spending my night on edge, jumping at every little noise, planning my self defense moves and the escape routes for me and the kids. I’ve no plans to stop watching by the way. This is some good serial killer TV. I’ll just be doing it with The Husband here so I can keep him awake with my terrified notions and clue him in on the plan should Ted Bundy bust out of death row and show up anywhere near our property.

On a less dramatic note, but on a day when the weather was all kinds of drama, cold, wet and icy, we met up with our friend Bryson at the rock climbing gym.

I’m not kidding when I tell you Keane and Bryson were on an endless loop of climbing up and down this wall. It never seemed to stop being fun and their energy never seemed to run out.

Of course the rappel down was the biggest thrill.

Cullen went with the free climb for a while.

While Cullen summited the gym dinosaur, Keane and Bryson continued on their wall climbing loop.

Trying out the dino slide.

But obviously slides are more fun when everyone is packed in.

Now everyone is on the free climb.

Deep breaths…

…and jump!

A lot of this running around and trying to take each other out going on.

Cullen is strapped in and ready to give this wall a go.

Some climbing tips from Bryson.

And off he goes.

Also a big fan of the rappel down and a big brother on hand to make sure your landing is a safe one.

Eventually got Keane and Bryson to climb a different wall.

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