The last day in Ireland we met up with our cousins for an into the wild adventure. And by adventure, I just mean a forest walk. But when you’re a kid, the simplest things can end up being the biggest adventures. Thats their super power.

The repeat efforts to get a group shot of all the cousins.

Cullen is a big fan of maps. Loves to figure out where we are, and where we’re headed.

Despite the fact that there was a perfectly good opening at the left end of the gate, Cullen was determined to do things his own way.

Keane is thinking about it, but ultimately decided that this was not the perfect tree trunk to walk across.

This wonderful tree, with a rope swing.

Yep, I was nervous and couldn’t stop telling Keane not to let go. But you know, in a very calm tone. Breezy, like I wasn’t internally freaking out.

Evan and Emily playing catch-up.

The perfect tree trunk for walking on.

A lesson on all things trees going on here perhaps??

Nathan, chilling.

Whatever the chat is here, it looks serious.

On the run.

Off the beaten trail.

Nathan is up to something.

Boo! And he’s not alone.

You never know the type of character you could meet in the forest.

Emily believes if she stays very still, the shooters will not see her. Looks like she might be right.

Cullen had a preference for medieval weaponry.

Rest and regroup.

A tree that might also be the home of some leprechauns.

The boys investigate.

Like a bunch of ants on a dirt hill.

Evan on a minor rescue mission to stop Cullen sliding off the hill.

Keane’s got himself in a bit of a situation.

Never fear, he’s got it figured out.

Ah yes, brothers.

We’d planned an easy 1 mile walk, got a bit lost and ended up covering 3 miles of forest trail. Which is why Nathan needed a shoulder ride from Daddy.

And is also why we had to stop to refuel, aka, snack.

Secret chats.

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