All Things Santa

January 13, 2019

Kickin it back in time to OMG! 3 weeks ago! Has it really been 3 weeks since Christmas? I’ve heard it said that January is a slow moving month, yet I’m not finding that to be the case. 13 days into 2019 and I feel like I’m already engaged in the game of catch-up. Ugh! Anyway, I won’t be wasting time on the small talk this evening I’m afraid. Few things that I need to get done in preparation for the week ahead. But here for your visual enjoyment are a few photos of the boys from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

We landed in Ireland just before the sun rose on Christmas Eve. Got to Granny’s house in time for breakfast and a 3 hour nap. Then spent the evening getting prepped for Santa. Of course part of that prep was the baking of Santa’s cookies.

Little cookies baking experts.

You probably would never have guessed it, so I’ll go ahead and tell you, that Cullen decided to make shark cookies for Santa.

Keane went with the festive style cookie, christmas trees, candy canes, but last minute decided to use some of the left over dough to make a dough snowman.

The dough snowman.

In the hall next to the big light up, not-the-real-Santa, Santa, is where the boys decided to leave the cookies and the carrots for not just Rudolph, but for all the reindeer.

What a little feast.

After waking up on the later side of the morning, jet-lag, the boys were beyond excited to see that Santa listened when they told him that he would need to deliver their gifts to Ireland this year.

Sharks for Cullen.

Among his other requested gifts, that 10 year supply of yarn Keane asked for, also showed up.

A big lover of drawing, painting and coloring, Cullen immediately got stuck into one of his new coloring books and coloring sets.

This fancy sensory type drone thing Keane got was pretty cool. You can control it with just the movement of your hands. Looks a bit like wizardry when you see it in action.

Oh and Keane stumbled across his Selection Box. And so it was chocolate for breakfast.

More sharks.

A little later the cousins arrived and there was yet more gifts.

Once things settled down, the boys stuck into some of their craftier gifts.

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