Struck Down

January 10, 2019

The kids went back to school this week. My plan was to be a production machine. Get the house back in order. Get on top of the laundry situation. Basically putting the 2019 plan of getting our sh#t together into action. But illness struck in the form of a sinus infection. My sinus infection. Sinus infections, if you’ve never had one, are pure misery. Think a Conor McGregor UFC style kick to the face that leaves you with a nose struggling to breath, eyes that feel swollen shut, yet remain open and a pounding headache that no amount of ibuprofen can take the edge off. Oh, and of course all of that discomfort means getting any kind of sleep, is a struggle at best, impossible at worst. I did mange to get myself to the doctor, and with prescription in hand, waving it like some kind of winning lottery ticket, I rushed to the pharmacy for the drugs. The glorious drugs that would take all my pain away. It took another day and a half of suffering, but at last the drugs kicked in and I started to feel some relief.

Another thing I intended to do this week was to comb through some of the photos from our trip to Ireland. Which if you consider the fact that the week has not yet ended and I am in fact sharing this one little teaser image of 4 cute Irish cousins, that makes me somewhat successful, right?

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