We’ve been spinning off our axis for the past 2 weeks. Everyday has alternated between feeling like a Saturday or Sunday. Schedules were for the birds. We went to bed way past our standard bedtime and woke up whenever the heck we wanted. We survived on a diet that was largely sugar based and we filled our days with lots of little adventures and caught up with family and friends. Its been so nice, its been liberating and its been relaxing. I’ve really taken to this more free flowing less scheduled lifestyle. The boys are back to school this week and I’m a tad concerned about my ability to get the routine back on track. We may be that family that can’t get their sh*t together for the first few days. Showing up after the school gate has been closed, in a frenzied hurry looking mostly disheveled. But whatever, we won’t worry about that right now. Instead, lets chat about Santa and how he brought the boys everything they asked for, and of course some tings they didn’t. But Santa did get upstaged in the gift department, by Granny. Granny, being the creative, clever women she is, got the boys a gift that not only fits perfectly into our love of travel and adventure, but that makes the less enjoyable elements of travel, I’m talking about hours spent in airports, way more fun. She got the boys backpacks, that become scooters!! Yes, genius. I wish this invention was my own genius idea. Cos its genius. For once in our travel life, there was absolutely zero whining and zero complaints from the boys. We had 2 delays, our flight out of Dublin was delayed and our connecting flight out of Philadelphia was delayed. And at no point was there any gripping from the boys. In fact, they were happy to have the extra time to scoot. Like I said, backpack scooter is genius. Granny absolutely wins Christmas this year.

Here we are, owning the airport terminals.

Living our best scooter lives.

We’ve even got tricks.

And believe it or not, we were incident free. There were a couple of close calls, but overall, there were no injuries caused to ourselves or our fellow passengers.

No sure why, but Cullen decided he needed to rest. Right there. Middle of the terminal.

Up and ready to roll.

A flight delay meant plenty of extra time to enjoy the terminal ramp.


Our confidence is clearly soaring.

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