The Santa Encounter

December 20, 2018

We are days away from Christmas. And we are even fewer days away from flying to Ireland. This year we’ll be spending our Christmas in the Emerald Isle. So this is my official announcement of a 2 week break from shooting and sharing. This has been a pretty rough year for my family and I, and Christmas is especially tough when you’ve suffered any kind of major loss or are going through a major struggle. So this is my way of giving myself some space. Stepping back from the small things to focus on the important stuff, time spent with others.

This week we also made sure to visit Santa Claus, so we could go over our wish list for Christmas and to let him know that this year he would be delivering our gifts to Ireland. Keane leading the way to Santa’s grotto.

Cullen going at his own happy pace.

Lots of fabulous Christmas trees.

Waiting to get in and see the big man.

Keane’s excited.

There he is, Santa! Listening and making sure he’s clear on the boys wish list and also on where to make the delivery.

Look at Cullen, keeping an eye on the big man.

More chit-chat.

The boys get candy canes.

Santa gets a hug.

After the Santa encounter, the boys went on a deer hunt.

The wishing fountain.

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