Gingerbread House Party 2018

December 16, 2018

The gingerbread decorating party. This has become an annual event for the boys and their friends. One of the many things they look forward to each festive season. But just like the Santa Express, it almost didn’t happen. Again, weather was the issue. A middle of the night storm took down some trees around our property and one of those trees took with it an electrical cable. And you don’t need to have done honors physics in your Leaving Cert to know, no electrical cable = no electricity. Initially it was very exciting. The kids walking around with flashlights and candles in the pre-dawn darkness. A cozy fire first thing in the morning to try and stay warm. All the blankets from all the beds pilled up in front of the fire felt like camping. But slowly, the fun turned sour. When the reality of no power began to really sink in. When the much anticipated gingerbread house party was now at risk of not happening, no power became no fun. The power company fix-it crew showed up late morning and told me they would have us up and running in a few hours. A few hours? Are we talking 2 hrs? 3 hrs? Come on lads, more details. Be specific. 2 kids need answers. Not to mention the other 9 kids scheduled to arrive in a few hours, who were now currently in a holding pattern, awaiting more information on the no-power situation. Fix-it crew foreman told me not to cancel the party. That he would do his best but was confident they would restore power in time. And 63 mins before everyone was due to arrive, POWER WAS RESTORED! Nothing but love of those power crew men. Saviors, all of them.

Once the power came back, we got busy. We had only 63 mins and counting before all of the friends started to arrive. Santa Keane here proved to be an excellent helper.

As was Cullen. Filling lots of little cups, with lots of different candies. Ensuring there was enough frosting for everyone.

Cullen’s good friend Ashton arrived early. So we enlisted his assistance with preparation too.

So much joy and excitement.

Keane claiming his preferred house.

Our friends are here! Lets get decorating!

Cullen and his 2 little besties Henry and Ashton.

Henry’s creation.

Hmm, lots of this happening. See now why everyone had their own frosting? Inhaling it straight from the tube.

Master decorators in action.

Cullen’s house is coming along nicely.

Logan is in the zone.

Eli working on his Christmas tree.

Some for the house, some for himself. That was Keane’s decorating system.

Donavan being very systematic.

Justin favoring the chocolate chips and gum drops in his design.

Ella frosting her Christmas tree.

The brothers Luke & Logan.

And still more inhaling of the frosting.

Ashton’s house is coming together fabulously.

When they think the mommas are not looking, lots of candy is being consumed.

Hard at it.

Keane told me his was using the “pointillism technique” for his roof. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. I had to.

Checking each others work.

Ella still ingesting.

Ah yes, the sugar is kicking in now.

Eli did a very impressive job with his house.

Everyone is high on sugar and running in every direction. Trying to get them back to the table for a group shot, was like herding drunk cats.

Eventually we got them back and I snapped quickly before losing them to their sugar highs again.

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