Santa Express

December 12, 2018

Last year we missed out. Leaving it too late to get tickets for the Blue Ridge Santa Express. This year it looked like we’d done it again. My friend Aisha and I went online a few weeks ago to try and book tickets, only to see that every train ride, on all 4 weekends leading up to Christmas, were again, “Sold Out”. Shit! But late Friday evening, a tiny Christmas miracle happened, some seats opened up for the 4pm Saturday train ride. Without thinking, we pounced. Booking 2 mommas and 3 kids to ride Santa’s Express. Only after we booked did we realize why tickets had opened up, the weather. Snow storms and plummeting temperatures were pounding the states North of where we were headed. My friend Aisha and I became weather tracking hounds. Constantly checking TV reports, refreshing weather apps on our phone, wondering if in our hast and excitement to secure the much coveted Santa Express tickets, we failed to consider the bad weather we might encounter. All reports indicated that North Georgia (the place we were headed) would be safe from the snow storm, at least until Sunday. Just rain, lots or rain, and chilly but not freezing temps. So after much back and forth and a few rounds of the second guessing game, we did one final check of the weather app 30 mins before we were to begin the 1 and a half hour drive. Feeling confident that we, and the storm, were not planning to hit the same destination, at least not that day, we powered on with our plan to ride the Santa Express.

No day long downpour. No threatening snow storm or frigidity temps are going to stop us getting on the Santa Express.

Up close and personal with the decorations.

Bryson spotted a very big fish.

The big sea creature fan that he is, this made Cullen very happy.

Trackside and ready for our train to arrive.

We see it! We see it!

Wahoo! Spotted by the Grinch and Rudolph.

We are all aboard.

Bryson brought a book on bugs, and everyone wanted a look in.

Here comes the Grinch. Making his way down the train. Stopping to say “Hi” to everyone.

Cullen and Bryson were a little nervous/scared/shy.

But within a few minutes, everyone was friends.

Grinchy hi-fives.

The Grinch gave the boys some coloring books. See, he’s not all bad.

A while later Rudolph stopped by.

Cullen was happy to see that nose light up.

A Christmas story read by the magic Christmas tree.

Cullen and Bryson sitting front row, not so they can hear the story better, so they can get a few sneaky touches of her lights.

Rumor has it Santa is coming. Everyone scrambling for their seats.

Keane checking out the view, while also keeping an eye out for the big man.

There he is! Santa!

Keane looking really uncomfortable. Desperately trying to keep his eye on the man with the power to bring or not bring his Christmas presents.

A candy cane treat from Mrs. Claus.

Santa gave the boys silver bells. Having just watched the Polar Express, Keane and Bryson were super excited.

An hour later and we are back at the station. And back out into the rain.

Of course we had to get the over priced memory photo. Cos, well, memories.

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