Yarn + Art = Yart

December 9, 2018

Feeling left out each time we went to the craft shop for yarn. But still lacking the dexterity to fully master crocheting, we found an alternative use of the yarn for Cullen. A use that still required him to graze the aisles with his older brother and friends, feeling like one of the big kids. Making his yarn selections for what was going to be a sea creature masterpiece. Once home, while Keane was busy getting stuck into his crochet, Cullen and I got busy sketching out the vision for his ocean masterpiece. Then armed with scissors, glue and endless stripes of yarn, we began to slowly turn the vision, into an artistic reality.

The first to be sketched and yarn glued was of course, our favorite ocean creature, the great white shark.

A completed great white and now Cullen is sketching a baby orca.

The cutting and the gluing for the yarn took a while. Each creature could take almost an hour. But it kept us busy for most of the day.

After a break for lunch Cullen decided to add a little sunshine.

Looking good.

Let there be light.

More sketching.

Its all coming together nicely.

You can tell Cullen has put in a big effort and is now starting to hit the wall.

So we decided to take a break for the day, letting all the glued pieces dry so we can continue to add even more creatures over the coming days.

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