Crochet All Day

December 5, 2018

Keane’s new favorite thing, is crochet, all day if he could. Life is a bit of an inconvenience right now, cos life gets in the way of his crochet time. But fear not, crochet is portable, which means we can crochet in the car on our way to school and various sporting practices and the grocery store. Hell we can even crochet in the grocery store, sitting in the trolley with various food items piling up around us. We can crochet over dinner or watching a good movie, even the waiting room of a doctors office. There’s nowhere we can’t make it work. We make weekly trips to the craft store to graze the aisles of yarn/wool. Selecting new colors and textures to work with. Sometimes we bring our crochet obsessed classmates and pass a good hour or more discussing and choosing new yarn. We’ve even asked Santa to bring yarn, 10 years worth of yarn to ensure we are always fully stocked. This whole crochet craze was kicked off at school, months ago, with no sign of it losing steam anything soon. The kids are loving it and honestly I think its great. And its cute to watch Keane channel his inner old lady. I’m also benefiting by having some very unique, one of a kind headbands, wristbands and scarfs to accessorize my daily outfits, and I often bump into fellow mom’s at school drop-off and pick-up, also wearing their now very unique, one of a kind crocheted accessories.

Captured a couple of months ago, when we’d just started out on this journey of crochet.

Why do kids never sit on furniture the way its meant to be sat on? The amount of times I tell both my kids to get off tables, to sit and not stand on chairs on a daily basis is endless.

If Mr. T loved crochet instead of gold. His neckwear would look similar.

Trip to the craft store with his friend Ella and his first crochet hat completed, for his friend Noah’s baby brother.

Craft store haul.

Working on a new hat…

…while watching Polar Express.

Wearing ALL of the crochet to a doctor visit.

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