Oh Christmas Tree 2018

November 28, 2018

Like most of American, last weekend we mobilized ourselves away from the Thanksgiving leftovers, but not as you might think, to hit up the madness that is Black Friday sales. No, in this house we are allergic to Black Friday. Its a blood sport, pure and simple and we have zero interest in participation. We do however have major interest in spectating. And by spectating I mean we love to watch the Friday evening news, as they show footage of mobs of people trampling, fighting and getting arrested over heavily discounted pots and pans and flat screen tv’s. Its gobsmacking stuff. Also, in this day of online shopping, its baffling and unnecessary. So no, we did not go near any kind of store or mall on Black Friday. What we did do is hit up the tree farm and get ourselves our Christmas tree.

One of the first to arrive. Bright and early and ready to choose our tree.

Excitement pulsing through him, Keane is out of the blocks and in a mad rush to get to the trees.

As usual we go straight to the big ones.

It didn’t take long to make our selection.

And while Daddy took care of the business side of Christmas tree purchasing, the boys took off to play tag amongst the rest of the trees.

Time to load this baby up and take it home.

We’re definitely excited.

Back at home and we are ready to decorate.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a string of Christmas lights to untangle.

Shark ornaments for Cullen of course.

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