Gobble Jog 2018

November 24, 2018

Another Thanksgiving, another Gobble Jog for this family. A 6.15am alarm shocked me out of a deep and cozy sleep, as I fumbled around in the pre-dawn darkness, not wanting to wake the sleeping men of the house by switching on lights, bitching to myself about myself, wondering why oh why I keep doing this. My good friend Mike who always runs the Gobble Jog with me, had the car already running to defrost the windshield and by 6.45am we were on our way to Marietta Sq and the start of the 2018 Gobble Jog 10K. As per usual, by the time I finish the 10k, I have about 30mins before The Husband arrives with the kids and we make our way back to the start line for the start of the family 5k. This year Keane insisted he was running the entire race, without wagon support (aka, the stroller). So Daddy was elected Keane’s racing buddy. Cullen felt there would be some definite moments over the 5km where he may need to rest his little legs. So we partnered up and I ran close to him with the support wagon. They both did really well. Finishing more tired then previous Gobble Jogs purely cos they insisted on running most of it. And as they learned, running can be very tiring. But worth it when you cross the finish line and gain access to unlimited free Gatorade and cool Gobble Jog shirts with pictures of funny turkeys on the back.

Me, in early morning 10k action.

2 little Gobblers arrive ready to race.

Killing time before we head to the start line.

My friend Mike who ran the 10k with me.

Mike making sure Cullen’s hands stay warm and cozy on this frigid Thanksgiving morning.

The Doyle boys.

Pre-Family 5K, family shot.

Off to the start line.

Cullen’s last minute change of plans as he tells me he’s going to run with Daddy and Keane.

And we’re off.

Keane and Daddy take off.

Cullen and I trot along at our own steady pace.

But look who’s up ahead? We caught up with Daddy and Keane close to the half way mark, as they walked for a portion of the race.

Quick stop at the hydration station.

Less than a mile to go and still going strong.

Cullen’s face of determination.

The post race fatigue had some of us feeling all kinds of emotions. Cullen’s were more angry based as he lashed out at Momma for her picture taking.

Picking up our finishers shirts.

Gobble Jog finishers.

When Cullen is over it, he’s over it. Trying to sweet talk him into a photo with Momma.

I’m over it, Cullen’s over it, Keane is his usual easy going self.

Back to the car sucking down his 2nd free Gatorade.

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