Fish. The Return

November 15, 2018

We had a fish tank for 2 years. I didn’t like it. It was suppose to be Daddy’s responsibility. He was suppose to keep the water clean and fresh, the chemical balance in check and the fish feed and healthy. That lated a few weeks, then, just like everything else in this house that needs to be kept alive (kids, dogs, cats and gecko’s) they end up my responsibility. So as the fish began to pass (cos fish don’t have the longest life expectancy), we stopped replacing them. And eventually, we were fish free and the tank was gone. Bye! That was until Cullen became a major fan of all things ocean. He’s obsessed with sea creatures but he’s completely obsessed with sharks and has been for over a year now. Recently we read a book about a girl who loved sharks, as much as Cullen does, and in the book her mother got her a fish tank so she could have her own “mini aquarium” at home. You can see where this is going. Yep, the fish tank is back. Its smaller than the previous one, but its back non the less. And I’m not thrilled. I’m thrilled it brings Cullen joy and he gets to engage in something he loves, but I await the moment when once again, another living thing ends up on my list of “Things to Keep Alive Each and Every Day”.

The first week we had a some casualties. Learning to get the chemical balance of the water right is a tricky business and 2 of the fish did not survive our learning curve.

But like the responsible aquarium owner he is, Cullen fished out the casualties.

That is/was “Pleaky”.

The boys prep to give the fish a proper burial and dress in some of their old Halloween costumes for the funeral.

Little sticks to mark the sacred spots of “Pleaky” and “Whitey”.

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