Summers End

September 8, 2018

This is it, the last summer camp related blog post, and it also finally marks the end of summer. I have to say, Summer 2018 has been pretty fun. Lots of adventures with friends. Lots of travel and time spent with family. And lots and lots of water related activities. Beaches, lakes, pools and splash parks. Like summer should be when you’re 6 and 4 years old. Now we’re just waiting for the weather to realize summer has ended and for the cooler temperatures to start creeping in. Then we can get cracking on all of Fall related fun stuff.

But for now, lets wrap up the summer. Final day at camp and we managed to squeeze in 1 last tubing excursion on the lake.

Cullen with his big cousins.

Tubing at a cautious speed was more Cullen’s vibe. He likes to leave reckless to his brother.

Time to switch out 2 of the Doyle boys.

Keane is now front and centre.

And this time there was no holding back. Full speed and airborne.

Time to bring them in.

4 happy post-tubing boys.

Photo with our speed boat drivers George and Mark, guest appearance from a shark floaty.

Back at camp and we’re getting crafty making friendship bracelets.

All packed up and ready to go, but not before we grab some group shots in our cabin.

Time to leave our mark. Everyone signed the door to our cabin.

Cabin from the outside.

4 happy little campers.

The jokers of the group, James & Cullen.

Cullen was obsessed with the map of the camp, so we stopped by one last time before leaving.

“Bye” to our councilors and “bye” to the amazing Sue, owner and operator of this wonderful camp.

Final group shot.

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