The Small Things

March 26, 2011

Sometimes in life, its the small things that make all the difference, like The Husband coming home with a notebook simply cos it reminded him of me and how much I love all things paper. Or when he travels and always manages to steal the hotel room pens on my behalf. Don’t ask me why, but I appear to be a complete kleptomaniac when it comes to pens, especially hotel room pens. If its not nailed down, guaranteed I will steal it. So hotels everywhere be-warned, if you see my name on a reservations, lock up your pens or you can kiss em all goodbye.

This week at the Justin & Mary workshop, I saw first hand how the smallest of things can have such an impact on the way you capture an image, but its the seeing of these small things that becomes the real challenge. The solution is not always obvious, it takes practice, it takes patients and more often than not, it takes having a set of balls and the willingness to take a risk. So in the comfort of a staged wedding situation, I was able to play, test and push myself and my camera to try new things. It was tough, I’m not gonna lie and as I went through my images at the end of the day, I found a bunch that were somewhat questionable, but then there were the ones where everything just clicked and what I managed to capture made me want to dance and sing out loud while demanding the rest of the photographers join me on top of a table for a collective fist-pump. Exciting times. I’ve shared some of my photos here and just so you know, in each of these images I was working hard practicing something new, and sometimes it work out exactly as I intended and other times, not so much, but live and learn, right?

The bridal shoes.

A stunning vintage wedding dress and some bridal accessories.

Our bride for the day was Leslie and she was adorable and completely stunning. I love love love her birdcage veil too.

A little mood shot.

The theme for the wedding was “American Honey” and there were a ton of fabulous honey related wedding details.

A little behind the scenes gossip, these cupcakes got tore up at the end of the shoot and can I just say, they tasted every bit as yummy as they look.

Matt & Leslie workin it for the camera’s.


Some fierceness from Matt.

Mmmmm, cupcakes.

Some center-piece details.

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