Take Aim

September 3, 2018

I’m still combing through photos from the summer camp. It was only a 3 day camp, but we managed to pack in a weeks worth of activities. These kids hit the ground running from the second they opened their eyes at the crack of dawn each morning, until they literally fell into their beds late in the evening. I have no idea where they dig their energey reserves from, but it was down right impressive. I do however know where Dinara and I had to dig to get our energy from to keep up with the 4 boys. We dug into coffee, wine and the odd cider. Yes, they allow evening beverages of an adult nature at summer camp. Cos these camp organizers know, parents need to be rewarded for keeping up with and surviving each and every action packed day with their kids. Cos in the job of motherhood, you get paid with small incentives, like a glass of wine at the end of a long day. So cheers to mommas!

Its archery time!

Initially reluctant, Cullen did eventually tap into his adventurous side. He’s got his bow, he’s got some arrows and he’s almost excited to give it a go.

Keane gets a little coaching for his maiden voyage into archery.

You can tell its not Paul’s first time to channel his inner Robin Hood.

Nor is it James first time either.

Getting better.

Love the closed eyes.

A little help from his cousin.

Victory! Even managed to hit the target.

Everyone was responsible for collecting their bows.

It really became fun for Cullen once he managed to get some bows on the board.

We may need to invest in our own garden archery. Keane really enjoyed it.

Pool time!

Finishing out the day with a game night. Cullen on the putting challenge.

Paul on the bowling.

Followed by Keane.

James tries his luck with roulette.

Cullen, the silent observer in the back.

James on some kind of tossing game.

Keane looks suspicious of his fellow gamblers.

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