Write Outloud

March 24, 2011

I wish I was better at keeping a journal. I have attempted it on numerous occasions but never with any consistency. Mostly cos I struggle to write fast enough to keep up with my own thoughts and rants and these rants, just like my conversations, can be very long winded and result in sore fingers and cramping wrists. And because my thoughts flow hard and fast, my handwriting ends up looking more like a combination of Japanese, Russian and hieroglyphics that got beaten together in a bowl and thrown against a wall. Yep, its so messy even I can’t read it. On top of that, what if my journal fell into the wrong hands and all of the deep and twisted thoughts living in the pokey corners of my brain were revealed? What would I do then? Send it to MTV or Bravo and demand my own reality show?

But there are definitely occasions when I wish I’d had the discipline and nerve to keep an uncensored and uncut, written documentation on this, my journey through my life. But in the absence of that, I do have my blog, my own little corner of cyber world where I share most of what goes on in my day to day life through words and photos and where I also get to share a small portion of the lives of the people I am privileged to photograph. I also get to see how with every new camera skill I learn or each photography workshop I take, the subtle and not so subtle shifts in my photos that are helping me define my photography style. This week I added a lot more knowledge and a few more skills to my camera-bag of tricks when I attended the workshop of (words are not enough to describe how amazing this couple is) Justin and Mary Marantz. This workshop was hardcore, demanding and packed full of overwhelming information, I loved every second of it, but I have to admit, my brain is somewhat kicked from the experience. So kicked I only have it in me to post one image from the day right now, but I will definitely work on posting a few more once my tired and worn out little brain cells recover.

For almost 9 hours straight, the adorable Leslie and Matt, our model bride and groom, posed and smiled to the demands 20 + photographers. They were complete superheroes and should both be given capes.

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