Let There Be Sun

August 30, 2018

Great plans to over share bunches more photos from the boys summer camp experience this week. But alas it never happened. All time, all attention got sucked in a completely different direction. And it wasn’t binge watching the latest “Trending Now” shows on Netflix, sadly. Nope, it was a lot less fun and a lot less chillaxing based adulting type stuff. But I finally got a window in my evening, the kids are sleeping and for once I’m not struggling to keep my eyes open, not for the next 30 mins at least. So thought I’d quickly jump on the old desktop and throw up a few more pics from Camp Emerson. There’s quite a bit more to share, but for now enjoy the moment the rain stopped, the sun bust through, the water slide was inflated and the foam machine kicked into action.

Foam Party! Thats Keane’s floating head in there.

Paul emerges covered in foam.

Cullen is going in!

Keane and Paul.

Keane’s about to be swallowed by a giant floating foam ball.

Got him!

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