The Rainy Day Plan

August 22, 2018

I know I dragged it out. It basically took me 3 weeks to share a weeks worth of posts from our trip to Ireland. But life people. Life. It gets in the way of all kinds of fun and all kinds of picture sharing from exciting trips to Irish places. But here we are, the final installment of photos from said Irish trip. And I have to say, this has been one of the fun’est trips home. As I mentioned before, the boys being older now means our visits back have become more adventurous and we have started to explore different corners of the country. What was also handy was the fact that our visit coincided with a surprise but very welcomed heatwave. This only helped increase the fun factor 1000%. Out of the 14 day trip, we had a total of 2 rainy days. Now that is some Irish luck right there. One of the rainy days happened during our trip to Dingle, but we were ready for it and planned some pretty interesting indoor activities.

A misty morning, but the kids don’t care. They hung out in the back yard of our Air BnB, Keane threatening everyone with an inflatable microphone he won the pervious night at the town fairground.

Keane’s face, the face of a violent attacker. But I assure you, he loves his brother.

Rainy day adventure no.1, off to learn how to make pottery.

The people at Louis Mulcahy pottery were amazing. Rules and explanations were kept to a minimum so the kids could enjoy lots of hands on pottery creating action.

A perfect little vase.

Next on the wheel, Cullen.

A perfect little bowl.

After lunch, for our 2nd rainy day adventure, we visited Dingle’s Oceanworld Aquarium.

Stopping off in the kids activity room for some fun puzzles and face painting before venturing in to see the sea life.

Keane, the only one who wanted his face painted.

The mesmerizing sharks.

Everyone loved touching the sting-rays.

Closing out the day with some group shots for the memory albums.

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