An evening drive along the Dingle Peninsula leads to a spontaneous stop at Coumeenoole Beach. We were totally unprepared for this. No swimmies, no towels, no real plan to take on the ocean. But it was such a lovely sunny evening. The beach was secluded amongst the cliffs and the kids were hungry for adventure. Preparedness be damned! Lets go get wet kids!

Coumeenoole Beach. A hidden gem along the Dingle Peninsula.

Keane, my little adventurer. All rocks must be climbed.

No swimmies? No worries. We’re in our underwear and we don’t care.

Pure joy!

Not sure who’s sand castle this was. But it is no more.

Hello there pretty lady!

Keane & Dafne v’s Atlantic Ocean.

My little jellyfish hunter is at it again.

Dafne is impressed by Cullen’s hunting skills.

Returning each and every jellyfish found, back to its ocean home.

Keane is off and climbing again.

It takes a lot of parental restraint not to scream at Keane to “get the hell down”. As a mother I absolutely see the risk and danger, but at the same time, I don’t want to alter his curiously and willingness to take on a challenge. So I watch, my insides in a state of total fear and anxiety, but on the outside I do my best to be act completely calm.

Meanwhile in a rock pool below.

Praise Jesus he’s down. Safely.

Bare in mind we are here, on the beach, with no towels. And Cullen is wet and looks like this.

We spy a cave!

Off for more to explore.

We found a tiny tunnel under the cliff.

And of course we had to go through it.

Cullen is not sure about this.

Dafne is and away she goes.

It was challenge, but we finally got the 3 of them to stand still for 30 seconds for a group shot. I love how Dafne is looking up, pure excitement and joy at her new best friend, Cullen.

All 3 looking AND smiling. Its a photo capturing miracle.

Look what Derval found. 1 random towel in the boot of her car. So we took turns rinsing the kids off in the rock pool and drying them off with this 1 towel.

We’re not wearing any underwear and our t-shirts are soaking, but we have our pants and our sweaters, so life is good.

Some of the Dingle Peninsula where parts of the latest Star Wars movies were filmed.

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