Traveling with the boys now that they’re older, has become more fun and exciting. They’ve started to notice the difference between where they live and the places we travel. How different the people sound, the words they use. When momma drives in Ireland, she sits on the other side of the car. Some of the foods are less familiar but very quickly they figured out that the chocolate tastes a lot better in Ireland. On top of fueling this heightened awareness and opening them up to the opportunities and new experiences that come from traveling, I also want the boys to understand and appreciate their Irish side. To use our summer trips home to explore other parts of my/their beautiful Island. So this visit, my best friend Derval and her little girl, Dafne, me and my two little fellas, took off to the small town of Dingle, Co. Kerry, in the Southwest tip of Ireland.

Within an hour of our arrival, we’d unpacked, changed into our swimmie and hit Inch Beach. As a native of Irish beaches, Dafne in her wetsuit was well prepared for the chiller side of the Atlantic.

Me and my Americanized ways, sent my part-American, part-Irish boys out in their simple swimmies.

Cullen, my ocean loving child, went at it full throttle.

There’s something so nice about watching your kids and your bestfriends kid, build a friendship.

Dafne was days away from her 3rd birthday, and she loved hanging out with Keane & Cullen, copying everything they did and trying her damnedest to keep up.

Being that the are close in age, Cullen and Dafne became tight little buddies.

Jelly fish! Cullen scoured the beach for as many as he could find.

Crab and clam hunting.

Joined by his little friend.

Baywatch, the miniature version.

It wasn’t long before my non-wetsuit wearing boys began to feel the chill of the Irish coast. That was the cue to leave.

Bright and early the next morning, we took the short walk from our Air BnB to the marina, to catch a boat out onto the high seas to see if we could spot Dingle’s resident dolphin, Fungie.

En route we stop off to play on statue Fungie.

Walking the plank to our boat.

These 3 cuties (and Derv) are ready to see Fungie.

The lovely Dingle.

Dafne is stylin!

Some of the coastal views.

This is Fungie’s friend, Paul. He comes out every day to visit Fungie.

All eyes on the ocean, waiting for Fungie. And you can always trust a friend to make sure your visual presents as a member of the trip gets captured.

There he is! Fungie!

Happy little dolphin spotters.

Views of Dingle Peninsula.

A couple hours on the open sea and we’re headed back to harbor.

Another shot of Dingle.

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