In true 21st century style, Facebook was how Donya and Terry “met”. She was on a mission to rid her list of “friends” of those people she really was not friends with or even knew. On the potential chopping block was Terry, but something made Donya pause, he was too cute to delete so she decided to send him a message and find out how they knew each other. One message lead to many chats and phone conversations and soon both Donya and Terry decided they should meet face to face. As a member of the US Army, Terry was based out of Virgina and had limited free time, however one Tuesday evening he flew to Atlanta to take Donya to dinner and 2 short hours later, flew back to his base.

There was no doubt something special was happening for both Donya and Terry. Not even long months of deployment to Iraq could come between these two. They stayed connected through phone calls, e-mail and of course Facebook. With ever message their relationship strengthened and soon Terry realized that this was the women he could not live without. Luckily, Donya felt the same and this May they will make it official and start a new chapter of their lives together as husband and wife.

I’m couldn’t be more excited for this couple. They are such a breath of fresh air. Full of unpredictable energy with a huge appetite for life. Donya is completely unfiltered and funny to the core. I love her. Terry shares a similar sense of humor and is completely head over heels for Donya. I cannot wait for their wedding to roll around.

This couple really knew how to enjoy a photo shoot. They laughed from start to finish.

Workin the fierceness.

Did I mention Donya’s appetite for all things footwear? A girl after my own heart.

Terry, you rock the cool and handsome look.

Such a fabulous couple.

Donya, those legs are no joke.

Still laughing.

Terry is a motorcycle fanatic and loves nothing more than to take his women out on long rides and Donya knows how to work the motorcycle chick look.

Boots, fierce.

Let there be no doubt who this women belongs to.

The day of Donya and Terry’s engagement session was hot, so we decided to end things with a little dip in the water.

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