Killruddery Adventure

August 6, 2018

People of Ireland, specifically moms or dads looking for something different and fun to do with your kids, let me recommend to you, Killruddery House & Gardens. One of Irelands great historical estates this place was tried, tested and given a big seal of approved fun by both my kids and my niece and nephews. Ireland was in the midst of a heatwave during our visit, so the kids literally spent the entire day exploring the amazing gardens full of hedged trails, hidden ponds, climbable tress and giant rocks. There was the option to take a guided tour of Killruddery House itself, but the idea of 5 energetic and curious kids, moving through a house full of rare ornaments, antique furniture and priceless art pieces, paralyzed me with fear. So we opted to enjoy all of the available stress free outdoor fun.

In a secret corner of the estate, tucked away in the forest, we discovered the ultimate tree adventure, Squirrel Scramble. This is a climbing, zip lining, ropes course I can’t say enough positive things about. The kids (and momma’s) LOVED it. It was challenging for sure. There were definitely some fears to overcome along with a couple of rope slips (thanks goodness for safety clips) but overall these kids found their brave and beamed with pride after each conquered challenge. So people of Ireland, there is still a lot of summer left. A lot of days to be filled before your kids are back in school. Spend one of those days here. And then thank me after. You’re welcome! :)

The backside of Killruddery House.

Maps in hand and ready to explore.

Behind a wall of tress, a hidden pond.

My nephew Evan is currently expressing an interest in cameras. So I gave him a brief lesson and let take a couple of shots. He grabbed this moment of me showing the littles how to read the map.

Nathan and Cullen headed for the Big Rock.

Hot on their tail, Keane and Emily.

Off they go.

They made it. Look closely to see 3 tiny waving bodies at the top.

I followed them to the summit and grabbed this shot.

4 adventurers.

A shortage of water in the water features due to the heat.

Time to rope up and hit the Squirrel Scramble.

So many clips. So confusing.

Here we go.

Keane loves this stuff.

Cullen’s a little more cautious, but he was ready and willing to take on the course.

Emily started off a little nervous, but eventually found her brave.

Evan’s no fear approach.

Cullen still going strong.

Evan ready to grab his sister to safety on her first zip line.

Wahooo! Nerves of steel Keane is gone. Zipping off into the distance.

Followed closely by Evan.

Nathan didn’t want to be part of the rope course challenge, so he followed everyones progress from the safety of the ground. And after completing 20 of the 40 challenges, Cullen wanted to put both his feet back on the earth too. And eat snacks.

Keane powers on through the course.

Evan also on a mission to finish.

Emily has joined the support crew.

Final zip line to the finish.

Well done to all.

Post adventure snacks.

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