Kilkea Castle

August 4, 2018

This trip back to Ireland The Husband and I took the boys to visit the place where we were married. 13 years ago. That place was Kilkea Castle. We wanted to give them a little history to our story. They’ve only ever known us as Mom & Dad. In their mind that’s just the way we showed up on this planet, middle aged and together. They have no idea that we use to be young, carefree human beings, moving about the world doing our own individual thing, each of us on a different side of the Atlantic. Then we met. Then we dated. Then we married. Then we had kids. Those are the bullets points obviously. There are of course lots of in between details, that for now we choose not to bore them with. They showed a little interest in the talk about our wedding day, but mostly they wanted to hunt for ghosts, play King of the castle, run around the gardens and listen to stories of the castle being attacked by foreign invaders. And while our wedding was fun, it definitely cannot compete with the blood bath that is a medieval invasion.

The fabulous Kilkea Castle.

Exploring the gardens.

Ah yes, the cooperative child photo.

The gardens.

Of course there had to be a group shot, captured by one of the gardeners.

Over it! Thats what the boys were. Not with the castle, but with momma’s requests for them to be in photos.

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