First Days, Again

August 2, 2018

That time of year has rolled around again. The first day of school. Yes, for a lot of you out there its still summer break, but for all us Southern living kids, its “back to school” time. And honestly, it never stops being emotional. For me. The boys were fine. Better then fine. They were so excited to get back, to see all their friends and share all of their summer adventure stories. I smiled bravely, nodded along happily as they talked and talked about their new classes, their teachers, friends they had recently seen and friends they hadn’t seen all summer. But as they bounced from the car, rushing to get inside, yelling “bye momma” without looking back, I was hit with a big wave of emotion. While I’m relieved they love their school, that they are becoming smarter (we hope) more independent little boys, it doesn’t change the fact that this growing up thing sucks ass. And its irreversible. Not that long ago they were babies, now this week Keane went into 1st Grade (thats Senior Infants for my Irish friends) and Cullen went into Pre-K (there’s not real Irish equivalent for this. It would basically be Pre-Junior Infants, if Ireland had that). But on the plus side, this year I resisted the urge to step into any kind of psycho mother behavior. Least we forget last year, when I went all steak out in a Church car park overlooking the school playground, only to be busted by my own kids. Not my most rational thinking moment I’ll admit. But live and learn.

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