Lets here it for civilized sleep hours!!! Two nights in a row now, kids in bed at a decent hour and 2 nights in a row, slept through to 5am. Yes, 5am still sounds like ridiculous o’clock to most people, but when you’ve spent the majority of your week been woken at 1am, rise and resettle everyone back to sleep, only to be woken again at 3 or 4am with demands for breakfast, then 5am starts to feel very much like a sleep in. Also, you’d be amazed at what a difference 2 straight nights of unbroken sleep will do for a momma. Energy surge, positive outlook and pre-bedtime dance parties are now back on the schedule. Sleep is truly a wonderful thing. To celebrate the return of my feeling more human the past couple of days, we’ll get started with the photo sharing from Ireland.

Day 1 and we are already at the cousins house tearing around the hood like we own the place. Or at the very least, live there.

My niece Emily.

Eldest nephew Evan. Less into the scooters, more into the biking.

The youngest, Cullen and Nathan.

A visit to the favorite climbing tree.

One minute you’re pose perfectly…

…the next your big brother is bombing your moment.

We’re on the move again.

Keane run off the road by a sword swinging Cullen.

And we always end up in some kind of body of water.

This moment here, in the face of a strong current, they all decided they’d be stronger if they held hands.



A little construction project at my parents house and this big hill of dirt served as an ideal playground every evening of our visit.

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