Modern Torment

July 25, 2018

We’re back from our Emerald Isle adventure. We’re back and we are buried in jet lag. Current wake up time is 4am, which is an improvement on the first night when the first child had me up right around 3am. Its tough and its emotional. Damn you jet lag! You modern day torment. On the plus side, 4 am wake ups allow you the opportunity not typically found during civilized daytime hours when your kids are wide awake and needy, to upload and comb through your hundreds of captured photos. Until the glow from the computer screen drives your tired eyes insane.

So as I struggle to get our sleep lives back on track, and organize the hundreds of photos, please enjoy this shot of Keane & Cullen with 2 of their cousins, Evan & Emily at the top of Big Rock at Killruddery House in Wicklow. A rock they climbed all by themselves.

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