Parts Green

July 11, 2018

We’ve headed for parts green. Off to Ireland for the next 2 weeks. Thought we’d be getting a break from the Georgia heat, to enjoy the unpredictability of the cooler Irish summer. Packed it all in preparation. Small light warmer temps attire, cozy layers for possible chiller temps and of course the rain jackets. As it turns out, Ireland is in the midst of a heat wave, tropical temps across the land. This hasn’t happened in decades and everybody across the nation is feeling a collective pressure to be outside at all times enjoying the unexpected sun and heat. Cos in the blink of an eye, it could all disappear. We cross our fingers it lasts just a tad bit longer. At least for the couple of weeks we’re here. Selfish? Yes, for sure.

Before leaving the US of A, we took the kids to Six Flags for a day of rides and water slides. And because we are smart momma’s, we hit the park early. Less crowded, no lines for the rides and by the time the day had reached its peak heat hours, we’d have the boys at the waterpark. We call this learning from previous mistakes.

I promise you, Cullen was actually happy to be riding the helicopter.

Bryson and Keane are finally tall enough to ride the Drop Zone. They’ve had their eye on this ride forever, but always feel short of the minimum height requirement. Not this time. Unfortunately Cullen was still the teeniest bit short. Not that he cared. Don’t think he really wanted to experience the Drop Zone.

There they go!

Because there were no lines, the boys basically jumped off and raced right back to the gate to go again. No exaggeration, they must have rode it 15 times.

15 Drop Zone rides later and we are at the water slides.

While Bryson and Keane are more of the dive right in personalities, Cullen has a more take his time approach.

Keane and Bryson were so busy on all the slides, I was basically catching glimpses of them as they raced past from one slide to the next.

Cullen is now ready to slide.

A tiny slide for Cullen’s sharks.



Not sure what this thing was, but the boys seemed to be enjoying it.

After 2 hours of amusement rides and 3 hours of waterslides I finally convinced the boys it was time to go. Then we walked past Hurricane Harbour. 20 minutes I told them. 1 hr 20 mins later, we finally left.

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