This is the final Cape related post. Promise. And wouldn’t you know it we spent our final morning at the beach. Three back to back beach days and still it felt like these boys wanted more. Upon arrival the boys spotted this random little sand bank in the midst of the ocean, and boom! just like that the building of a castle/fort type sand village was decided upon and the execution of was immediate. Neither Dinara or I had the heart to point out the possible flaws and/or risks involved in building in such a vulnerable locations. As it turned out, they had already considered this and as a result the building of a trench was added to the plans. Fair enough. Lets see how things went.

Team dig.

Cullen distracted by the discovery of a friendly neighborhood crab and hermit crab.

Things are going well. One castle built and the boys have split up to work on 2 more castles.

Pause in Cullen’s work flow to do some kind of sand construction happy dance.

But wait! Whats this?! The ocean is moving in, rapidly, and despite our trenching system, its flooding the castle village.

2 castles already destroyed, all the focus is on saving the last castle.

Desperately rebuilding as the relentless ocean persists in its tear down.

Mother nature – 1, Castle village – destroyed.

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