Crab Trap

July 3, 2018

Last year during our visit to The Cape, the boys got to go crabbing. This year there was no way we were going to get away with not crabbing. Its all they talked about. So bright and early on Day 2, Uncle Jack and Aunt Anne had the coffee brewing (for the grown-ups, to help with the waking up factor), and the traps baited and roped (for the kids, who were already very much awake and ready to get their crabbing on) and we headed off to the marina to see what was biting.

The marina was just a short walk from Jack & Anne’s house.

James, trap aloft, ready for a crab war.

Straight to work.

Cullen is currently in a phase of sea creature obsession. He loves all things ocean life. So this day was as exciting as it could be for him.

James with some hermit crabs = Cullen’s happy dance.

Setting the traps.

Keane with the first shrimp catch.

Acting like some kind of ocean master Cullen was busy checking everyones catch.

Trap check, nothing yet.

A local fisherman had better luck with his own trap. He caught a few crabs and a flounder fish.

Paul may have caught something good.

Cullen straight over to see.

He’s impressed.

There it is, a crab.


Feeding the captives, so they feel less captured.

Keane is having a lot of success with the shrimp.

A few other boys show up to join the fun. And one of the boys also happened to be called Cullen. As a first name. What are the chances?

James got something exciting.

We think it was a baby eel. Cos it was tiny, and eel like.

Jack and Anne sitting back, watching all the action.

A couple of hours later and we decided it was time to release everyone back to their rightful home.

Paul sets one of the crabs on his way.

Keane release the 2nd crab.

Cullen was adamant that he be the one to return the baby eel. So he did.

James just tipped the rest of the captives straight in.

One of the crabs need a little more encouragement.

Group shot with our fabulous hosts and crabbing adventurers.

This is how the Doyle boys felt about us momma’s wanting to get a Doyle boys photo.

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