Cape Day 1

June 30, 2018

When you have an aunt and uncle who are amazing enough to open up their house to a Doyle Boy (and their mommas) takeover, AND they happen to live on The Cape, I’m sorry, but summer life doesn’t get much better than that. So get ready, there’s about to be a lot of beach related photo sharing.

Day 1, minutes after our arrival and we’er already on the beach.

Oldest Doyle boy, Paul and youngest, Cullen.

Keane’s new favorite sport is Lacrosse.

Work has begun on some kind of beach trench.


A sort of trench digging assembly line. With Cullen as acting project manager apparently.

The mad rush to fill buckets of water for the trench.

But the buckets became unnecessary when the tide started to roll in.

Desperate attempts to save the trench.

When all else fails, throw sand.

Back on the shore and now we’re digging holes for burial.

The first burial victim.

Its snack time for everyone else.

Keane, buried alive.

Escape artist.

Cullen & James wanted a tandem burial.

While Cullen wanted out…..

…James preferred to reamin buried, so he could enjoy his snacks.

Keane took off on a solo adventure chasing a seagull. When it looked like there was no end to his chasing, I took off in hot pursuit.

Me returning the adventurer back to base.

Cullen busy acquiring crab corpses.

Cannot take your eyes off this fella for a second. He gets an idea in his head and suddenly he’s off.

Spotted, a couple of cute lifeguards.

Paul & Dinara get busy on castle construction.

Suddenly the whole crew is involved.

Tried to get a group shot. This was the best of 8 attempts.

Always with the demolition.

After a long and fun filled day at the beach, it was off to check out the local Cape baseball game.

The Kettlers.

Paul is focused, he’s goal is to leave this game with a game ball.

Keane caging himself in the pitchers warm up pen.

This worked for me, less chance of him spontaneously taking off.

Some action shots.

Yep, still there.

Cullen made a friend under the stands playing in the rocky sand box.

Freedom walk.

These kids are on a mission to get a game ball.

Bingo, James got one.

Sharing his prized ball.

Time to get the ball signed by some of the team players.

Homeward bound.

While the grown ups work on dinner, the boys engage in a game of cards. Well, I’m not sure Cullen is playing as much as he is disrupting.

Outside Keane continues to work on his Lacrosse skills.

Uncle Jack on grill.

And Dinara, caught in the act, sipping on a heafty pour of wine.

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