Trigger Happy

June 25, 2018

We’re back! We’re back! And if you ask my boys, they’ll tell you that being back, does not make them happy. Time with cousins is their absolute favourite thing. For the duration of our visit, they are little shadows and mirrors of their big cousins. They get a peek into the world of what being an older kid looks like and they love all of the new things they get to learn and experience. And I think Paul & James enjoy that feeling of being looked up to. They are so good giving Keane & Cullen so much of their time and attention and very patient when teaching and showing them all of their many skills and talents. This is what makes coming home so hard. But at least upon our return home, thanks to my sister-in-law and my trigger happy fingers, we have tons of photos to comb through and relive all of the adventures. Which then leads to a conversation about the next planned visit and what we might get up to then.

Day 1 of the trip was a hot one, so we spent the morning enjoying some lake time close to where Paul & James live.

Minnow catching.

This slithery guy showed up and completely terrified me. But not the kids. They were all curiosity and chat about wanting to try and capture him. I shut that idea down really quickly. I’d no intention of spending my morning sucking venom out of anybody’s leg.

A dead fish made its way to shore.

And of course curious hands want to touch.

And scoop him up.

A local fisherman pulled up with his morning’s catch.

And he was cool enough to answer all the boys fishing questions and let them check out his catch.

I believe we’re now looking for turtles.

After lunch it was off to James Lacrosse game.

Pitch side fan club.

Post game chat.

We finished off the evening at Paul’s All Star baseball game.

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