Strawberry Fields

June 15, 2018

Am about to get started on some packing, headed to Massachusetts for a week of cousin filled fun, but didn’t want to leave without sharing the visual imagery from our annual trip to the strawberry farm last week. Was also motivated by the fact that I’m so behind on photo sharing these days. My shooting, editing and posting workflow just can’t seem to keep up with all of our summer activities so far, and the photos just keep piling up. But on the flip side of that argument, I also genuinely can’t stand packing. Hate it. So sitting here jibbering on about strawberry’s, photos and more photos, gives me the excuse I need to keep playing the avoidance game. Avoid, avoid, believe deeply that everything we need for the next week will somehow magically walk itself into our suitcase. Bizarrely enough, that never seems to happen and as usual my procrastination will result in me staying up til midnight, packing.

But back to the strawberry’s. Warbington Farms is where we like to go for our strawberry pickin, cos there’s so much available for the kids to do, besides pick strawberries. Its a full day of country activity and this year Keane’s friend Ella was able to join us. The highlight of the visit this year were the baby goats. Usually the baby goats are all contained in fenced in fields, and the kids interact and feed them through those fences. This year however, they were loose and roaming all over the place, having the best time playing with all the kids, stealing food and trying to eat everyones shoelaces.

Food, the best way to befriend anyone.

One little fella was curious about the climbing wall and slide.

The bigger cheeker goats remained contained due to their confrontational type personalities. But we made sure to stop by and give them some attention and food too.

But the baby goats were too hard to resist. That and they were relentless in the their desire for attention.

It was only a matter of time before these baby’s were scooped up.

Baby goat hand off to Keane.

Ella keeping a close eye on Keane’s baby goat holding technique.

Cullen had his own way of holding that I’m not sure the baby goat loved, but tolerated.

Ella just can’t stop picking up baby goats.

It took a while, but eventually we left the baby goats to take flight on the bounce pillow.

A slide made of rollers. You can tell but the faces it was a bumpy ride down.

But it never seemed to bother Cullen.

Ella loving on the baby goats again.

This guy was resistant to Ella’s love, but she kept on loving him regardless.

Eventually we got to the strawberry picking.

Lots of strawberries for our efforts.

Another great trip to the farm.

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