Party Like A 6 Year Old

June 13, 2018

Another birthday, another waterslide. Thats what Keane wanted, so thats what he got. Am not sure at what age waterslides start to be considered not fun. Actually, evidence would suggest (the evidence being some of grown-ups participating in the waterside action), that they never stop being fun, no matter what your age. So a waterslide may in fact be showing up each year for Keane’s next 40 birthdays. Birthdays, Billy Madison style. Pokémon was also heavily present on party day. Pokémon is the current obsession. My knowledge of Pokémon (Keane’s obsession) along with my knowledge of sharks (Cullen’s obsession) has gone from absolute zero, to master level, possibly even professor level. And I’m not even kidding. Seriously, you’d be stupid not to have me as a member of your next pub quiz team. Especially if the questions have anything to do with trains, trucks, dinosaurs, reptiles, Pokémon and sharks. Basically anything my kids have been into the past 6 years, I’ve got the team covered. But enough of the small talk, lets get on with the party pics!

The boys, as usual very enthusiastic about helping set up the cake and dessert table.

Tiny Pokemon for each cupcake.

And of course, the very special birthday cake. As you can probably tell, esp if you’re a Pokémon fan, Pikachu lost an ear in transit from the bakery to the house. But no biggy, the boys just ate it.

The slide arrived a couple of hours before the party. So obviously the boys had to take it for a test drive.

Cullen only likes to play on the slide when its not congested and packed full of kids. So he made the most of the pre-party fun.

There goes Keane.

But look who’s waiting with some extra soakage at the bottom. Cullen & Mike.

Got him!

See, grown-ups love waterslides too.

Mike enjoyed that way too much.

Keane again.

The friends are here. Now the fun can really start.

Getting these landing shots wasn’t easy. These kids moved down that thing at lightening speed.

Bryson’s threatening finger point to the next kid down.

Its David.

With a thumbs up for waterslide fun.

Bryson & Keane rocking the same Pokémon swim shirt (both huge fans) and headed down for a dual slide.

Ella is taking no chances. Goggles for safety.

The squirters are out.

A little down time in the paddle pool.

A break in the action for pizza and of course, cake.

Full and energized they’re back for round 2.

Cullen takes a squirter to the head.

Mike declares war on the little kids.

The endless stamina of these children.

Cullen rescuing radom sharks from the landing pool.

Of course its only right to end with a shot of the birthday boy. Happy Birthday Keane!

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