Happy 6th Birthday!

June 6, 2018

Today, my first born, my eldest boy is turning 6! I know I say it every year and I will continue to say it with each birthday, that I can’t believe the speed at which he is growing. Keane has always been the low maintenance, go with the flow, genuine lover of people and life kid. And I’m happy to report, he still is. Over the past year he’s also developed a massive independence streak and a desire to have input on everything. No longer is he willing to go along with the decisions Momma & Daddy make. He wants to hear the reasons why so he can discredit them and let us know how he feels about everything. Its definitely been an adjustment for The Husband and I. He’s now a person with his own ideas, thoughts and opinions and of course all of that should be considered, especially when it comes to his clothes. Each morning I usually pull out his clothes for that day. Typically a t-shirt or tank with a cute dinosaur or character print and a not necessarily matching, but definitely complimentary pair of pants or shorts. Nowadays however, he sees what I’ve chosen laid out on the bed, completely ignores it, goes to his closet and chooses the clothes he wants to wear. Usually its sports wear. He wants to wear the active shorts, with matching active t-shirt, tank or muscle top. Some days he’ll still wear the character print clothes, but thats usually cos his preferred sports attire is in the wash. Trips to the barber for his standard no.4 all over? Gone. This past trip there was a conversation with the barber on how he wanted his hair tight on the sides but kept a little longer at the top so he could spike it like his cousins Paul and James. Yep, we even went and bought him the styling gel, so he could do it himself at home. He likes to hear the schedule for the day over breakfast. I tell him what he’s got going on and my plan as far as pick up times, snacks I’ll have, clothes he’ll need to bring or change into. He’ll then usually make small requests or adjustments to the plan. Friends, friends are now a major part of his life. He has a social calendar busier then my own. Its nuts. His current obsession is Pokemon. We eat, sleep and breath Pokemon. No idea how it all started or where he even came across it, but I’m blaming the friends. Cos suddenly out of nowhere, Pokemon its not just in our lives, its taking over our lives. He’s an amazing big brother to Cullen. He looks out for him, likes to remind him of the rules (which pisses Cullen right off) and is always ready to help him/demonstrate how much more he knows and can do. Physical altercations have also started to pop up between them. You know the usual, starts off as fun, then someone crosses the line and suddenly we’re hitting to hurt. #brothers.

Anyway, this post could be endless. We are endlessly proud, endlessly amazed at the boy Keane is growing up to be. Happy 6th Birthday Keaney Beany! You are one of the good ones. XOXOXOXO

The Birthday Boy! 6 today! Rocking his favorite type of attire, in his favorite colour of orange.

He did his hair himself for these photos and I must admit, I like it.

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