What Rules?

June 5, 2018

These days the rules are relaxed, we’re free (to some degree) of ridged schedules. We can sleep in (but alas, the kids never do. Oh hello 6.30am, again) and bedtime is whenever the heck we’re done playing, swimming or return home from a spontaneous evening adventure. Isn’t thats what summer’s all about? Last weekend we found ourselves enjoying our Saturday evening watching the women’s pole-vault competition at a local track meet. As in the boys watched for about 10 minutes before they were off, running around like wild men. It was a pretty low key meet, so as long as they stayed off the runway and out of the competitors way during the competition, they were good to do and play wherever, and they did.

Some of the ladies in pole vaulting action.

The boys showed up ready to roll, with their own poles.

Keane engaging in a little spectator toss and catch.

My kids are less about watching and more about participating, so we went to the opposite end of the track where they could practice and play on the high-jump mats.


Definite potential.

Forget the pole, Cullen just wants to run at it head on.

Back to watch the last remaining competitors.

With the competition over, it was pole vault mat play time.

Gymnastics skills on full display.

When it comes to getting into the party mood, Cullen is not shy. He’s feeling the music thats been played.

Wahoo! Getting some major air.

Daddy arrives with some helpers and its time to disassemble the show.

But the kids have multiplied.

Done with their competition and here they are, the pole vaulters helping clear the mats and runway. Well done ladies.

Cullen getting the last few minutes of play before they take all the mats away.

Keane, always the helper.

This post competing athlete self clean up may become a things at future meets.

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